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Frequent Asked Questions & Answers

Below are complied frequent asked questions that we receive from our esteem shareholders and general public about management, operations, investments and NICOL shares matters. NICOL carefully addresses all of these frequent asked questions to help you and the public have understanding of such issues being asked regularly.

1) Question: When will the dividend be paid?

The dividend will be paid after the shareholders approve, during the 5th Annual General Meeting, the dividend proposed by the Board of Directors.

2) Question: Why the company declares such amount of dividend?

The Company pay such amount of dividend according to the amount of profit generated.

3) Question: Why the dividend was not paid in previous years since the IPO?

National Investments PLC did not generate profit to be able to pay dividend to its shareholders.

4) Question: Why there was share split in year 2006?

The Board of Directors resolved to split shares as an alternative to paying dividend to the shareholders due to failure by the Company to generate sufficient profit to pay dividend.

5) Question: When did the company re-list its shares in the Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange?

National Investments PLC re-listed its shares in the Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange on 6th June 2018.

6) Question: How many times does the company pay dividend?

National Investments PLC pays dividend only once a year.

7) Question: What are the procedures for share transfer and amendment?

The shareholders who want to have their shares transferred or make amendments to their personal particulars should contact the brokers of their choice listed on the CSDR Approved List of Brokers for the brokers to process the particular transfers or amendments.

8) Question: What are the procedures for reissuing a lost certificate?

The shareholders who lost their certificates should take the following steps: 1) Notify National Investments PLC about the loss for the Company to issue them with Introduction Letters. 2) Present the Introduction Letters to their nearest Police Stations for obtaining Loss Reports. 3) Present the Loss Reports to the Brokers of their choice listed on the CSDR Approved List of Brokers for them to process the reissuing of certificate.

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